Finally, it’s time to leave

I feel so ashamed to Allah, the Lord of the World, the one who always protects and guides me. I feel however I try to be grateful, Allah’s ni’mah or gifts are just way much more than that. One of these gifts is one year at LKYSPP, Singapore.

It was just a blessing from Allah. Allah has given me opportunity to go straight from the undergrad to this great program. I still can remember last year, June 2011, how I really try hard to finish my undergrad thesis by the end of June (in the middle of big organization responsibility, competitions, etc.) and defend it in front of lectures, and then go for MTQ competition in Makassar for a week and then leave directly for Singapore. July 19th is the day where I sat in the plane with my parents to this university. It was a bit rush, but then Allah makes everything possible and very enjoyable. Even the fact one month after I receive admission letter saying that I am accepted as self-funded student but then suddenly change to full scholarship status was just a miracle. Too many gifts from Allah.

My life in LKYSPP has been just as what I expected before applying. The Professors are good, there are many public lectures every week, great library system and collections, endless academic enrichment opportunity, great friends, opportunity to work part time and earn my own money, and many other things.

Studying in this school, in this country, has really sharpened my life. I can see how a theory of public policy is being implemented in the real life; I can see how good bureaucrat could be, and many more. Studying in this school has also fulfilled my thirst on writing papers and joining international conference. Through the school I have been able to set my foot in London, Hsinchu, Manila, DC-NYC-Boston, Saudi Arabia, and many other world cities. The part time work has given me opportunity to visit provinces in Indonesia that I’ve never been before: Maluku, North Maluku, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, Bali, etc. Nothing can I say. What a tremendous gifts from Allah.

Realizing this, I believe that my responsibility to my countries is becoming bigger and bigger. Allah has given this opportunity to me. I really think that should be able to give back to my community, to be someone that can bring light and happiness to the 50% of Indonesians who are still living under $2 per day.

After all, now I am ready to embrace a new chapter in life (thanks to LKYSPP for this): one year study program in Tokyo University, a university of my dream, in a country that I, and many Indonesians, admire of. Insyaallah, I’ll utilize the opportunities better and contribute more to others. Semoga selalu dinilai ibadah dan berkah. Itu selalu dibisik hati kecil saya.

As the closing, I am fully convinced that as long as we’re fighting for or struggling in Allah’s way, insyaallah, He will always help us, always. Semoga bisa selalu istiqomah. Salam.

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