Can’t live without Allah

Betapa Allah merupakan Dzat yang terbaik yang kumiliki. Dzat yang dengan-Nya aku selalu tenang. Dzat yang kepada-Nya aku berharap bisa kembali dan bertemu nanti.

Allah telah memberi begitu banyak kesempatan-dan dengan ‘sabar’nya, Ia tetap memberikan hidayah dan petunjuk pada ku. Allah, saksikanlah, aku akan selalu berusaha untuk menjadi hamba terbaik, hamba yang engkau puji di kalangan malaikat-malaikat Mu.

Allah, bantulah kami agar kami selalu memiliki iman yang kuat, senantiasa ingat, bersyukur, dan beribadah dengan baik dan ikhlas kepada Mu.

Allah, berikanlah selalu hidayah dan kekuatan pada keluargaku dan sahabat-sahabat ku. Engkaulah pencipta langit dan bumi, serta Engkaulah pemimpin kami. Berkahilah hidup kami, wahai Allah.

The prospective country

The Indonesian economy is booming-and will continue to be so, at least until 2030. Many of its economic sectors are still underdeveloped, as well as many areas those are un-touched.

Field such as consumer services (financial services, F&B, telecommunication, transportation, apparel, travel, housing, etc.). The number of middle class is rising. The population is still growing and young.

Private sector and government play a more important role here. It is very clear that the private sectors should increase their productivity and explore next-generation business sectors (new energy sources, telecommunication, etc.). In the mean time, government should also provide a better governance, i.e. clearer rule and regulation, law enforcement, professional services, and clean.

For society, a spirit to be a developed nation should be realized in to action. Our society should value higher education (mainly in engineering, medical, and art) as well as remove unproductive habits and activities.

Last but not the least, we should hold firmly to Allah’s guidance and his messenger’s teaching. That way we will be a developed nation and able to avoid mistakes made by the previous developed nations.

Cut Nyak Dhien

Even though this film was produced in 1988, this is my first time to watch it. It is definitely the best Indonesian film that I’ve ever watched. I promised myself to really strive and struggle in continuing their struggle. So sad that after getting independence in 1945 with millions of people syahid, our current Indonesian are wasting this independence. Many are working with the sucker foreigner. Just as Cut Nyak Dhien said in the film, pengkhianat (betrayer) is the biggest enemy.

May Allah give jannah for all of syuhada in Indonesia, make us can gather with them later in akhirat, and so that we can continue their jihad.


Has our democracy resulted a leader who has the vision for development? A leader who does not live extravagantly before its people become prosperous. Why unperformed leader can be elected for the second term? Are we lack of capable people or are our too dumb so that they elected a bad one? There must be something wrong with our democracy, or maybe, there’s something wrong with democracy itself.