Life in Japan so far

After living for almost two months in Japan, I found several interesting things which I think we should take example of from Japan.

First, the dedication or professionalism. I witness that most of Japanese are really dedicated to their work. Be it a safety guard, chef, cleaning service officer, train officers, and others. No matter how ‘low’ their position is, they seem to do it whole-heartedly. The result? Almost all of their works are ‘A grade’.

Second, the bright people in government. I asked several Japanese friends; all of their answers are almost similar, almost all central government official in strategic ministries, such as Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are staffed with the brightest mind in the country, the University of Tokyo graduates. I find this as quite impressive. No wonder why they have a relatively good public policies, well-run administration, etc.

Third, valuing teacher. One of my Japanese friends told me that teacher salary’s is quite high compare to the average; even it is quite difficult to be accepted as teacher. Thus the teachers are usually very dedicated, and of course, very busy. I think this is one of the reasons why Japanese has good education quality.

Nonetheless, I also found several things that should be improved in Japan. First is reducing the number of suicides. Quite often we can see in train announcement that certain train line is late because of ‘passenger injury’, which means someone jumped on the train rail. I think Japanese should learn more about optimism. May Allah protect us from that behaviour. The second thing is the limited English study material in the library. I think Japan needs to open itself more to the world. I found it is very difficult to find English books in university library. I believe by embracing the world, Japan’s growth potential, in education and ultimately economy, will be higher.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep you posted when I found new one. Salam.

1 thought on “Life in Japan so far

  1. it was a great story from japan.
    i wanna go there, thanx so much for many information bout that exiting country..
    nice to meet you

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