Morning thought

  • As a makhluq, Allah gave us guidance, Qur’an; but how often do we refer to it? Let the ‘reference’ alone, we even rarely interact with it. I believe, there are many opportunity to read it or memorize it. Insyallah, as long as we have the will, we’ll be able to do it, how busy we are.
  • Very often we are very ambitious in achieving our targets in this world, but do we have the same ambition in achieving the highest paradise? Or have we ever thought whether we eligible to  get into it? May Allah always guides in this world. Let’s always try to reminds people around us also, at least by giving a living example.
  • Lastly, again, I do really think that a quality education is very important. So sad that the quality in Indonesia and many other countries are still low. For now, let’s just maximize we currently have in Indonesia, in your university for example. Change is definitely needed. Salam.

One morning in Tokyo, 6.33am

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