One afternoon near Tokyo Station

When you hear the word ‘Japan’, what would you think about? What come to your mind? Most of us, I believe would imagine an technological advanced country, image such as robot, car, shinkansen (bullet train), and many technologically advanced things will come to our mind. And yes, I think that’s really true. From bullet train until toilet is very advanced in Japan.

Some questions that very often come to our mind, how did they do that? How can they become that advanced? As obvious as it is, it’s education, the technological mastery is the key. If many countries in Asia are developing with the help of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), such as the case of China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many others, Japan start its development through their own hand. As one of my professor said, yes, it is painful, you have to work hard, really hard, compared to just imitating what’s already there. But the result is very worth it; Japanese are used to work hard, innovative, and able to produce something with high quality.

Yet, there are many negative aspects in Japan as well. One of them is the reactive state status that it has, where it is quite reactive to external pressure, such as US. Partly I think is because of paralysis in their political system and lack of leadership. Nonetheless, I think we should take a good example from them, their hard working culture as well as master-piece oriented. I, myself, am in the process of learning as well, to be able to have such great work ethic.

Here we go, let me show some pictures near Tokyo train station, where the beauty of Japan, i.e. its orderly culture, cleanliness, and many others, can be seen.

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