Part of jama’ah

Very often I receive a question, “…Rully, how can we maintain our consistency in campus life, in terms of balancing study, organization, competition, family, and others?”. Beside an answer about time management, the importance of intention (niat) and idealism, quite often I also mention, be part of a jama’ah (movement group).

Since my first year in senior high school, around August 2004 (eight and half years ago), I have joined a weekly Islamic mentoring group. The group consists around eight to ten students, where there will be an ustadz as the facilitator. It is a routine activity where we meet to learn Islamic teaching, plan common community service program, and other beneficial activities, weekly. I find this program as very beneficial; and I feel that I am a part of a larger movement group who wants work for a betterment of Indonesia and the world. Without exaggerating, I think that my involvement in this program, has contributed significantly to who I am today; and, for example, why I can won the most outstanding student awards at University of Indonesia, last year, 2011.

I still can remember the first time I was introduced to this activity. I don’t know why, at that time I felt very very happy. I can still remember the long, deep, and calm sujud syukur (gratitude prostration) that I did after the first meeting ended. Furthermore, the best thing about this activity is that we can continue it almost where ever we go, whether to Singapore or to Tokyo, as I experienced it; again, because we’re a part of a larger movement group.

One month ago, when I was in Makkah, for Hajj, I am about to send an email. I want to submit a paper for a student conference in Singapore. Unfortunately, at that time, there was no WiFi in my hotel. I tried very hard to get internet connection, including by purchasing local SIM card, but still, I can have internet connection. At that time, I felt very disappointed. I was wondering in my heart, Allah, what’s your plan? Why do you mean? Why can’t I submit this paper? I believe that this activity is a beneficial one, why can’t I, Allah?. That was the feeling inside my heart. The reason why I think like that is because I firmly believe that there must always be a reason why Allah arrange something the way it is.

One month later, or exactly yesterday, I realized the answer. Yesterday was my first time to join the weekly mentoring again, something that I regard as one of the best things that ever happened to me in Tokyo. If I were submitted my paper that time, I would have been in Singapore since yesterday, which will make me miss the first mentoring and have to wait for  two weeks more to join it, if things go well.

The moral of the story is two. First, maybe at some point in time, we don’t understand what Allah meant for arranging something; just believe that it must always be a good reason behind that. Second, I really suggest you, go to the Islamic student organization in your university (such as FSI in FE UI), then ask to join the mentoring. Trust me, insyaallah, we’ll get the benefit here in dunya, and in akhirah, as well. May Allah always strengthens us and guides us. Salam,

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