Mismanaged country

Living in foreign country can help to get an outsider view about our country. Something that I think quite important, moreover from experts in their field.

One of my Prof, when he talked about Indonesian economy, without aware that I am Indonesian, said that Indonesia is a mismanaged country. In another class, a professor, when he needs to make an example, about a bad infrastructure-country, he will easily take Indonesia, especially Jakarta as an example. In another class, about foreign aid, my prof said that Japan is very interested to give development aid to Indonesia because Indonesia has oil (previously) and gas, which is very important for Japan so that Japan needs to ‘good’ with Indonesia.

Listening to many of this occasions make me really believe how bad the situation in Indonesia is. Previously, not that I am not aware of this problem, but I thought in the last eight years, we’ve done a very good job; but not really. Decentralization, high-cost direct election, weak internal control system have paralyzed Indonesia’s development.

Obviously change in one person won’t be enough; but when we commit to be better and act better at individual level, I believe we as a country can move forward faster. Islam since the beginning has always emphasize the important of good individual, later in the judgement day, we will be held responsible as an Individual. Nonetheless, united efforts, such as uniting vision, conducting systematical change in government organizations, are equally important. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Mismanaged country

  1. Merubah bangsa tidak bisa dilakukan sendiri. Mas Rully coba cari atau bikin komunitas yang concern terhadap pemerintahan Indonesia dan mau masuk ke dalam sistemnya, nanti di komunitas itu membahas strategi paling baik untuk merubah Indonesia. Hanya sekedar usul. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mba Afi, yes you’re right. One person might not be enough. Thanks for the suggestion. For now, I hope in seven to 10 years I can be in policy making circle, such as an adviser to minister or president, besides teaching of course. May Allah always guides us all. Best,

      • Semoga yang Mas Rully cita-citakan dapat terkabul. Aamiin ๐Ÿ™‚
        Oya, Mas Rully tau TED? TED itu semacam konferensi tentang ide-ide kreatif dan “out of the box” yang sangat inspiratif. I’ve got many inspiration from there.
        Here the website, if you have time please watch it

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