One of my source of inspiration is Al-Jazeera, a 21st century television channel. It is not only informative but also inspiring. Whenever I watch Al-Jazeera program, I always feel, Al-Jazeera has done its part, by producing program with a highest quality, now it’s my part, to produce something, such as academic work, with a highest quality as well.

I just watched one episode of its program, called earthrise. A documentary which explore the possibility of living in a sustainable planet. I greatly admire the works that they did in this program. I realize how the way we run our country in the pursuit of higher economic growth has deteriorate our environment.

Currently, Indonesia is the race to be a developed country. From GDP per capita only around USD2,500 (PPP) in 2000 to almost USD5,000 (PPP) in 2011. I think this situation is very dangerous if we keep blindly aspire for higher GDP per capita even though by undermining our environment.

I’m not sure, whether this can be stopped or not; or maybe nature is the only power who can stop us forcefully. The result of Doha Climate Change Conference (COP18) which took place November, last month, further stress that many countries, are not willing to put more attention and action to reduce the environmental impact. It exactly fit with what Allah said in the qur’an, the earth will be damaged by human hands, and we will see that impact to our life. But have we changed?

Some community initiatives, such as what can be seen in earthrise series three-episode eight, are something that should be appreciated.

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