Islam, Al-Qur’an and Justice

Alhamdulillah,, all praises and thanks belong to Allah. Alhamdulillah, for hidayatul islam that He has given to us. I am very overwhelmed by the “amazingness” of Al-Qur’an. Even word by word in the Al-Qur’an was revealed with certain meaning and reason behind it. It contains a lot of lesson and obviously guidance for all of us. I strongly encourage all of us to dive deeper to Al-Qur’an tafsir. I think, one way to do that is to watch the Qur’an from Cover to Cover program by Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan here: (paid subscription though, but obviously really worth it).

Listening to the tafsir, there’s one thing that ‘stuck’ in my head, which is the importance of justice in Islam. Allah sent down Islam to us as the guidance so that we can perform our role, as alkhalifatu fil ardh, with justice. The absence of Islamic or Qur’anic value application in our life, I believe, has contributed to the increasing injustice practices in our society.

The greedy bankers in UK, for example, who manipulated the interest rate (LIBOR) which is referred worldwide, is an obvious act of injustice. The corrupt practice in government procurement is another blunt example. Hopefully, soon enough, we’ll be able to play a greater role in removing these injustice practices in our society.

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