Another flash thought

Life is on and on. Different people get motivated by different reasons. Some are very driven by power-to be respected by people; some are driven by money; and some by love to others.

Apart from glamorous life, there are some people who live in a deprived condition. what an ironic life isn’t it? Some are just extravagantly live and spend their wealth, whilst some are trapped in poverty. And then the greed exacerbate the situation. The wealthiest are just never feel satisfied. Exactly as Allah said in the Qur’an, this worldly life is only mata’. In one of his lectures, Ustadz Nouman Ali  explain mata’ as something that we use, but we’ll never be satisfied with it.

I don’t care whether it sounds cliche or not. I really think that Islam is the only way of life. I’ve seen and interacted with people who are very smart, yet, live with no guidance and are only motivated by power and respect from others. I just thought, what a difficult life would that be, being dependent on people’s perception. But I guess that is the very thing that is exploited by many corporations, human’s tendency to conform with others. In economics, I think we called as bandwagon effect, increase in total demand due to conformity.

No body can do the reform alone. Either he/she will be tired by him/her self and then give up or he/she is ‘contaminated’ with the challenge. Being part of reformist movement, I think is a good start. Yet, just joining a group won’t solve the problem by itself. One also needs to continuously improve personal capacity. Closeness to Allah and knowledge I think is the two important personal homework.

Speaking about closeness to Allah, I think it can be achieved by improving our relationship with Qur’an. I firmly believe, the more we interact with Qur’an, which means we spend more time together with Qur’an, is the closer we will be with Allah. On knowledge, I believe there is nothing more important than reading and thinking. These are two things which are repeated often by Allah. The first ayat (verse) revealed was the instruction to read and in many occasion in Qur’an, Allah always say “Afala ta’qilun or Afala tatafakkarun” which means don’t they think? or don’t they use their ‘aqal?

In short, in personal basis, whatever our position or role is, reading Qur’an and reading book + thinking are the very stepping stone for success, insyaallah.

1 thought on “Another flash thought

  1. Assalamu’alaykum..
    seperti dalam Q.S. Adh Dhuhaa ayat 4 “Sesungguhnya hari kemudian itu lebih baik bagimu daripada yang sekarang (permulaan)”, manusia terus memperbaiki diri 🙂

    Allah Maha Adil dengan segala kehendakNya entah itu terhadap orang paling miskin ataupun paling kaya sekalipun.

    Syukron buat tulisan2nya kak..

    semoga termasuk ke dalam yang saling menasehati dalam kebaikan. amin

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