Man jadda wajada

I really appreciate an Arab’s quote: man jadda wajada; those who persevere will excel.

Undoubtedly, a lot of things to be improved in our country. Education, health, social challenges, and many others. The good news is we know what it takes to solve it: education. In addition, as noted earlier, one key in education process is perseverance. In Indonesian language, we call it bersungguh-sungguh or bekerja keras or willing to step take up for the challenges. Believing with this saying keep me optimistic in learning many things (read: difficult things) that I haven’t understand yet. I keep reminding myself, insyaallah, after a lot of works, I’ll understand and master it.

I remember my days in senior high school. I was very happy spending my time at the school’s library. Even though not many people really visiting the library, I was very happy to learn many things, discover many things, and aspiring for big things in the small library. Had it not because of such positive attitude, I think I won’t have big passion to strive and learn since my university period. Limitation in financial condition I believe won’t be big burden (even though to some extent it still is, as in Laskar Pelangi movie), as long as we have a strong will to learn, insyaallah, we’ll get there.

In developing a country, I think social scientist, such as economist, political scientist, and others are supporting tools. They are the one who will make sure a supportive environment or good social order so that innovation can flourish. Clear example is how the collapse of Rupiah (economics field) triggered great panic and profound negative impact to our country; but still, I think the main driving actors are natural scientist. I don’t know whether I understand it wrongly, but based on my observation, in Japan for example, the development is driven by advancement in science and technology. Again, in Japan’s case, many of Japan’s legendary companies such as Sony, Toyota, Hitachi, Panasonic and others, start from the scratch. With curiosity, spirit to help others and entrepreneurship, they were able to build such great companies. Thus the bottom line is continue to aspire bigger and higher; plus never give-up spirit, insyallah will achieve higher and bigger. I promise myself to be a great economist, the one who is able to manage this country’s economic policy process. I know I can’t do it alone, but I am determined that I’ve got to be one of the team. So set your target. May Allah always bless and guide us.

1 thought on “Man jadda wajada

  1. Alone? You’re not alone, you have Allah with you. The Best back up ever.
    I ever heard that good people will attract another good people. So, as long as Mas Rully want to reform this country, another person who wanna do the same thing will come up by it self. And actually by your writing, I’m sure that there’s a lot of people who inspired to reform the country.
    Keep do our best! Wish we could reform Indonesia to be a better country by our own specialty aspect. Barakallah.

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