Yoyogi and Nearby Parks

I think Allah has put three places to be very close to my heart: masjid, university, and park. I’ll elaborate more on park. I think park symbolizes harmony and sincerity. When I am enjoying my time in park; either reading Qur’an, reflecting, writing, or something else, I feel that I am joining the harmony of nature.

One of my favorite activities is to read Qur’an in the park. Somehow, I feel like the grass, the soil, flowers and everything are very happy and join me in celebrating Allah’s greatness. I know that they are, with or without me, are praising Allah all the time. Having such time brings great relieve and clearly rejuvenate my spirit. I am very eager to find places where Qur’an might not be recited before, such as parks in Tokyo. Somehow, I feel the grass, flowers and others are quite grateful to me, that they can hear Allah’s words; meanwhile, I am deeply happy to do so too =)

I think park also symbolizes sincerity. It is so pure that it will show us whatever it gets; without any fake appearance. It’s just park, it’s just natural. As human being, who is tasked to preserve and develop this earth (khalifatu fil ardh), we’ve got to learn from them; learn from their harmony and sincerity.

Lastly, I know that in Indonesia, public park in the city is something which may not be available; nonetheless, as a country blessed with beautiful landscape, I am 100% confident that it’s relatively easy to nature in surrounding area. Spending some time in nature, I believe, will help us to back to our fitrah. We’ll realize that we’re only part of Allah’s creations, which in the short time will be back to Him again. May Allah always refresh our iman and we can refresh our spirit to worship Him. May Allah always guide us.

Below are some pictures from this weekend =)

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