Little thought on my Incheon-Seoul Airport getaway

Even though I’ve visited quite many developed countries before, I give a special respect for South Korea, simply because of the fact that it was on the same stage on development with Indonesia back in 1950s.

When looking around surrounding the airport, I was thinking about Indonesia’s development. I think that the answer for whether Indonesia would be able to capitalize its recent status as an emerging into a real developed economy relies on its ability to produce critical mass of educated human resources. I said critical mass because I think not all of Indonesian should get the very high education as it would take a very long time and simply also because in Japan, not all Japanese are highly talented and highly educated; but a portion, a critical mass, maybe around 5% of the population I think is highly necessary. This critical mass of educated population would be the driving force in the policy making, research institution, and business.

Then of course, the question is how to get into an excellent education institution. I think to be able to get into an excellent education institution only requires three folds, these are dream high, work hard, and pray a lot. I firmly believe, if we, Indonesia, can have this critical mass of educated human resources, we’ll rock the world. It is very important for the fellow Indonesian that they should get a very good education in a world class education institution, not because of its brand but really because of the quality of its reaching and research. I am sure that it won’t be difficult to achieve so as long as we want to dream high, work hard, and pray to Allah. Here is a simple example.

Back in 2009, when I was in the fifth semester of university, I moved from student dormitory to a rented-house. The house was located close to a book store, where I spent around one to two hour of my time every night. On the way to the book store, there was a travel agent office, of which wall was covered by international airline logo. At that time I’ve never travelled abroad. Every time I pass by the office, I only have one pray, “Allah, please make it easy for me to travel abroad to various country. You know how much I love to see developed countries”.

Day passed one by one, every day I pray, every day I dream and every day I work hard; studying, joining organization, joining competition and many other positive things. Then, alhamdulillah, in Mid-2010, I have my first travel abroad, to Mecca (note: and of course, when I was in front of Ka’bah, one of my pray is also to be able to travel abroad often =)). Alhamdulillah, I think Allah accepted my pray; and my efforts have borne fruit. To conclude, the moral of the story the above mentioned: (dare to) dream high, (willing to) work hard, and pray a lot. Insyaallah the time will come.

I’ve got to board the plane now =)

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