Start from ourselves

Indonesia should be a strong and self-sufficient country. That is one message which we can take from the recent conflict and sunk-ship of Myanmar Rohingya’s Muslim as well as financial difficulty experienced by Egypt due to its massive amount of gasoline subsidy; a financial difficulty which could ‘trap’ Egypt in IMF program.

Obviously, as Muslim, we really want to help them; and yes, some Islamic organizations from Indonesia have been able to channel humanitarian aid to Rohingya Muslim as well as financial aid from Qatar to Egypt. Nonetheless, clear enough the amount is not enough and we should make it a systematic way, rather than arbitrary help. In doing so, obviously, we need Islamic countries to be strong and self-sufficient.

I think it is quite clear already what make many recently-developed countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Korea, or even China became an economic powerhouse one. The excellent policy making (or public policy) in Singapore which practice Meritocracy, Professionalism, and Honesty (MPH); the strength of entrepreneurship and quality of institution (bureaucracy) in Japan, the quality of education in Korea and in many other countries, are very very clear and known by Indonesian leaders.

Maybe many of them are just ‘too dumb’ that they prioritize themselves over public service; or maybe they are ‘deceived too far’ by Syaithan which make them indifferent between evil and good deeds; or maybe the citizen should be blamed as well because they’re willing to be the victim of systemic crime by their leader.

However, there is apparently no need to emphasize who to blame. Let’s just focus to build this country together, in any capacity and talent that we have. A start from individual level means something when practiced by many. Furthermore, I also hope the movement, such as the emergence of da’wah kampus in many Indonesian universities-where young educated Indonesian dare to think beyond themselves and willing to be part of the solution-can be one of the systemic solutions to the problem.

Still, we can’t wait too long. We need to act now, to improve now. If our education system still deficient, how can we expect a quality generation in the next 20 years? If we’re so comfortable with importing many manufactured products (which account for 60% of Indonesia’s import), when would we be able to be self-sufficient and technologically-advanced? I really hope the upcoming election can bring the good-capable people into the policy making stage.

Let’s continue to work hard so that we’ll be able to build this country; so that the strong Indonesia, would be able to help many in-need Muslim countries. Let’s start this move towards excellence from ourselves. May Allah always guides and strengthen us. May Allah rewards our deeds with His forgiveness and jannah later. Insyaallah, bi-idznillah, everything is possible.

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