Politics and education

High cost politics has caused high cost economy; this is understandable. But the fact high cost politics also lowered the input for growth, namely educated-skilled labor, is something that is often missing in discussion.

The Educating the World episode of Al-Jazeera below showed how a corrupt government and business community has prevented access to education in Afghanistan and other countries. The lack of political will is also reflected in less than one percent education spending over GDP in these countries. It is true that security and cultural reason plays significant role in Afghan poor education level; but in many other countries, existence of security goes hand in hand with minimum focus on education. Most leaders know that education is important, but probably they don’t care.

I haven’t study politics thus don’t really know which political system which works. Is it the social democratic system in Nordic countries? I also still don’t know how a governmental system or political system should be in Islam; especially pertaining to this 21st century where we have seven billion people of which close to two billion are Muslim, thus very different from population that we had in Madinah back then. Or is it not a question on political system, as semi-autocratic country like Singapore and democratic country like the US can both be developed?

Or is it the question about improving the aqidah of the people, due to the fact that people with a good aqidah would stay away from corrupt behavior and other noble traits, thus we’ll have good people and good leaders? But isn’t it that will not happen as the devil will continuously disorient people from the straight path? Probably I shouldn’t be this pessimistic; but clearly, a role model on a modern-Islamic country is needed.

Need to learn more on this issue.

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