National program on Islamic mentoring

I couldn’t think of any other things that can save this country. It is the aqidah and iman that should be corrected first. In fact, it is the first priority. No use of being a wealthy country without iman. There is also no use of various development policies if the iman isn’t there. Not that I am a lazy economist. But think about it. When the population have good iman in Allah swt, there won’t be corruption in state budget; people will behave well thus less social problems; people will work hard because they understand that working is an act of ibadah, etc etc. I think there should be a national program on Islamic mentoring. In fact, it should be the priority of the government. At least at the current setting, the Ministry of Religious Affairs could carry out this program, for instance by requiring all students to have a one hour mentoring session each week in their school. So no need to have an Islamic-based constitution first to conduct this. Of course this policy won’t be realized until the Minister of Religious Affairs, or the President, or the Minister of Education, or the Minister of Finance is someone that experienced the benefit of mentoring it self. Until that happen, we should start with our own circle.

2 thoughts on “National program on Islamic mentoring

  1. Why do you propose Islamic teachings as the solution for the country’s problems? As much as we wish it, religion(s) cannot eliminate the greed of men. Nor can it give the world peace. Thinking that it could, is a naive and lazy conclusion. People should be taught to think critically and to be empathetic, and for the citizens to be discipline, it does not necessarily need religion or belief in god(s).

    • Thanks for your feedback. I agree that human is inherently greedy. This is what Allah swt said in the Qur’an (Chapter 70: verse 19-21). However should we succumb to that ‘nature’? Allah swt said human has both good and bad potential; and successful indeed those who purify their ownselves (91:7-10). I think human are just like children; they should be taught what’s good and what isn’t. That is why I think the mentoring is the way. A mentoring (weekly teaching in religion) will be much more effective in perfecting the soul and unleashing their God given potential. As Economics student, I spent one semester studying game theory and asymmetric information. Among the oft-mentioned case is the lemon market problem, e.g. the buyer of a used car won’t know the true quality of the car; only the original user know it. We spent lots of time analyzing and proposing solution for this. I thought, if the aqidah of the people is corrected first, then the problem of cheating or dishonest will be gone. I think we should open our eyes that there are examples of good society that came out of good understanding of religion. Those who said already learnt and followed religion but still dishonest, greed, etc., then I should say, they and we should learn more. I hope this is useful.

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