My Works

The followings are files on some presentations I gave recently. Please feel free to use them, with reference when applicable. If you have any question, please comment below.

20201107 UI CSE Taking Further Study_Rully Prassetya (Presents UI CSE Virtual Expo, November 2020)

20200516 Memperoleh Beasiswa_Rully Prassetya (Presentasi Lam Project, May 2020)

20200501 Memperoleh Beasiswa_Rully Prassetya (Presentation on how to obtain scholarship, esp. to the US, organized by BEM UI), May 2 2020.

20200404 Dampak Covid-19_Rully Prassetya (Presentation on Covid-19 impact on Indonesian macroeconomy, SALAM UI), April 4 2020.

20170413 Sekolah Akpro 2017 (Presentation on Keilmuan Islam di Zaman Kontemporer:
Bidang Soshum, organized by SALAM UI), April 13 2017.

20161029 Mentoring Himmpas (Presentation on writing a paper, organized by Himmpas UI), October 2016.

20160514 Sahabat TOEFL Presentation (Presentation on obtaining scholarship, organized by Sahabat TOEFL Jakarta), May 2016.

20151107 Week of Writing training UNJ (Presentation on writing paper, organized by FE UNJ), November 2015.

20150815 Mari Persiapkan Sekolah ke Luar Negeri (Presentation at Sahabat Beasiswa FKM UI), August 2015.

20150530 Aktivis berprestasi UNJ (Discussion with UNJ students), May 2015.

20150425 Get Ready for Higher Education in the UK (slide) (Presentation at UIAC event), April 2015.

20150410 Merencanakan Hidup dan Pembuatan CV (Discussion with AKPRO UI members), April 2015.

20150321 Inspirational Generation (Discussion with SALAM UI members), March 2015.

20150314 Tentang waktu_Salam UI (Discussion with SALAM UI members), March 2015.

20150313 PhD Preparation and Application process_Rully Prassetya (Presentation at PK 30 LPDP), March 2015.

20150304 Training CV LPDP (CV writing training at LPDP), March 2015.

20150131 Peran spiritual dalam mencapai kesuksesan (Success cam Forkoma Banten), Jan 2015.

20141213 Pelajar Muslim Berprestasi dan Mentoring (Discussion with SMAN 1 Bekasi students), Dec 2014.

11302014 Kepribadian Da’i Berprestasi (Presentation for BPI FKG UI), Nov 2014.

11292014 Pelatihan Presentasi SOM FIK (Presentation for School of Mapres FIK UI), Nov 2014.

16112014 Mentoring Pasca Kampus UIAC (Discussion note for UI Achievement Community), Nov 2014.

11152014 Pelatihan Karya Tulis FSI FEUI (Presentation for FSI FE UI), Nov 2014.

National Innovation System and Developmental State Model-Insight for Indonesia (Presentation at the informal monthly discussion of Indonesian students at Tokyo University), July 2013.

Jakarta’s Traffic Congestion (Mini presentation at Transportation Policy class), July 2013.

Is TPP a Consequence of Failing APEC FTAAP (Short paper on APEC and TPP), January 2013

Development of Islamic Banking in Indonesia (Mini presentation on Introduction to Islamic Banking in Indonesia), January 2013

Yen Currency Leadership in East Asia (Short wiriting on the future of Yen in East Asia), December 2012

Japan’s ODA Policy (Short writing on Offical Development Assistance of Japan), November 2012

Should Indonesia Back to Developmental State Model (Essay on Indonesia’s Politics)

Domestic Worker in Singapore on Liberalist and Conservatist View (Debate on Domestic Worker in Singapore)

Policy for Enhancing Indonesia’s Fiscal Sustainability (Paper on Indonesia’s Fiscal Sustainability)

GPPN Presentation_LKYSPP_Economy (This file is my presentation together with my friends Ellen, Zahra, and Satomi from LKYSPP NUS. We presented this in GPPN Conference at LSE, London), December 10th 2011

Development in SEA_Rully Prassetya (Paper about Development theory and its application), Nov 2011

Mini PAE_Rully Prassetya (Policy option paper on tackling fraud in Indonesia’s government spending), Nov 2011

Indonesia_Rully_Prassetya_Essay (Essay on Corruption), Sept 2011

Icon for Professionalism and Integrity from Indonesia (My Presentation to International student in English class at University of Utah), Nov 2010

Rully Prassetya_Indonesia (Another presentation to International Student at University of Utah, just a basic fact of Indonesia), Oct 2010

6 thoughts on “My Works

  1. wow…very fantastic presentation of u rully. (Fabolous….). I just read ur presentation template about Ibu Sri Mulyani, late for this one. I impressed very much, you proudly introduced Bu Sri in front of intl students??? I am not sure they knew Bu Sri before your speech. believe or not I shudder heheheh…^0^.
    By the way, how was the reaction of the class?

    I’m currious to hear and watch your presentation….big man

    • Thanks. The responses was quite positive, the Professors and the students like it. Since we were asked to present someone that we admire, after the presentation, a Chinese student approached me, and honestly he said, “Rully, I like your presentation, I want to present about you later,,”. Being able to present something that we can take lesson from is very enjoyable, I think. Thanks

  2. Assalamualaikum Kak Rully,
    Just wanna ask your permission to be your silent reader. I learnt many things from your writings, so interested especially when you wrote about Islam, Idealism and Education, honest to say i’m in my way learning how to dedicate myself for better Indonesia by being an educator (teacher), i have a big dream on my field and your writings are really helping, thank you.

  3. Are you still in Utah? I read your blog before but only this time saw this page about your time in Utah. I am in Utah and make friends with international students in the Cross Culture Club.

    • Hi, no, I’m not in Utah anymore. Now I live in Tokyo. Utah is a great place to be. I hope you enjoy your time there. Best,

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